·         Netcarrent is a self-service vehicle rental company. What does self-service vehicle rental mean?

Answer: A customer using self-service vehicle rental independently rents and collects the vehicle from the car park

in accordance with rental instructions. After payment, the customer receives a keycode for the key storage box and instructions to their e-mail address.


·         How do I get in to the P-matkakeskus?

Answer: The P-matkakeskus is open 24 hours a day and is easily accessible on foot.


·         How do I get out of the car park?

Answer: there is a parking card which you can use to get in and out of the car park in the glove compartment of the vehicle


·         Can I leave my own car in the car park when using a Netcarrent parking card?

Answer: The use of a Netcarrent rental vehicle parking card for parking your own vehicle is forbidden!



·         Is there much fuel in the vehicles?

Answer: the amount of fuel in the rental vehicles varies by vehicle. The tank may be completely or partially full. Check the amount of fuel as you leave.

There must be at least the same amount of fuel in the tank when you return the vehicle as there was when you rented it.


·         Where is the key storage box located in the car?

Answer: The key storage box is attached to the window on the driver's side of the car. You can remove the key storage box by opening the window.


·         Do I have to return the rental vehicle to the same parking space in the car park?

Answer: You can return the vehicle to any free space which is not marked "varattu" (reserved).


·         Can I smoke in the rental vehicle?

Answer: Smoking in the rental vehicles is strictly forbidden!


·         Are animals allowed in the rental vehicle?

Answer: Animals are not allowed in the rental vehicles.