On the front page menu, click rent a car 1. Select the location in which you would like to rent a vehicle. Click make a reservation. Page 2. Select the vehicle you would like to rent. Click make a reservation. Page 3. First select a departure date and then an arrival date by clicking on the calendar. Then reserve the vehicle by clicking "Book it" (the green button) Page 4. This page shows you the information, date and total price for the vehicle you wish you rent. Click, Save & Go to CheckOut. Page 5. Fill in the required information in the empty fields. (Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.) Choose online payment as a method of payment if you wish to pay the rental fee using your own bank. Finally, click Save Your Reservation at the bottom of the page. Page 6. You are now at the checkout netbank payment page, where you can see a summary of the payment information. Click to select the method of payment (netbank or credit card) you wish to use to pay the rental fee. Move the cursor over the logo of your desired payment method and click. You can now enter your own bank / credit card details and pay the rental fee. Once the payment has been made, the program will redirect you back to the Netcarrent site. N.B.! If the program does not return you to the Netcarrent site, please be sure to click the button which reads Palaa myyjän palveluun (Return to seller's service).   Page 7. Rental summary. N.B.! Now the code for the key storage box will be sent to your e-mail address. N.B.! You will receive two e-mails, a reservation message and a keycode with instructions. If you are registering with the site for the first time, you will also receive a username and password (in a third message). Some e-mail servers automatically send the confirmation messages to the junk mail folder, so please be sure to check your junk mail for the messages! 


Video on how to use the key storage box

This video shows how to use the key storage box: