Rental period: A rental day lasts 24 hours and starts at 00.00 and finishes at 24.00.If the vehicle is not returned by the end the rental period, the customer is charged 100€/day.You can cancel a booking by calling a Netcarrent service number (Jari 050-4118501). The pre-paid rent will be returned, but Netcarrent will, however, charge a 60€ cancellation fee. If the total price is below 60€, there will be no refund. The cancellation fee will be deduced from rates over 60€ and the remaining sum will be refunded to the customer. If the lessor is unable to deliver the car to the customer booked, rental price will be paid back in full. Other disadvantage experienced by the customer will not be refunded.Netcarrent has the right to supply the customer with a car similar to the one reserved. Insurance:   The customer’s own risk (deductible) for damage to the vehicle varies between 490-790€, depending on the vehicle. If the customer fails to return the vehicle by the end of the rental period due to non-technical reasons, the customer agrees to pay the above mentioned sum in full. The customer is also responsible for the condition of the interior of the vehicle. Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited, as is transportation of animals. The customer is not responsible for technical damage to the vehicle, unless they are caused by the customer. Problems with the car: Should there be a technical problem with the car and an interruption of the journey, the customer may have the car fixed to the maximum sum of 50€, if it is necessary for the continuation of the journey. In such case the customer must have a receipt with information of the repairs made and the customer will be refunded by Netcarrent. After the problem the customer must contact Netcarrent and inform what has happened. Netcarrent will then decide on whether the car will be changed, fixed or if the rental will be discontinued. In case of discontinuation the customer will be refunded for the sum equivalent to the rental time not used.If the journey is discontinued and the vehicle cannot be fixed and Netcarrent cannot supply another vehicle, the customer’s (one person, no luggage) travel expenses are paid according to the cheapest fare by public transport inside Finland up to 50€.If the vehicle is stolen, the customer must report this to the police and Netcarrent. The customer must pay the deductible for the vehicle. Use of vehicle: The vehicle may be used only in Finland. Travelling to other countries must be authorised by Netcarrent.The customer is responsible for parking tickets, fines and other self-inflicted expenses.The vehicle must be locked at all times when leaving it.The keys must not be given to anybody under the influence of alcohol, drugs or anybody else not fit to drive safely. The driver must be fit to drive and must a driver’s licence. The driver must meet all the requirements which Finnish law ordains on driving a vehicle on public roads. The customer is responsible for his own state and road safety after renting the vehicle. Netcarrent cannot check the driver’s state, as the car is rented on the basis of self-service.The rented vehicle must not be used for driver training in traffic nor for racing. The vehicle may, however, be used for driver’s licence training for step II on slippery road training tracks.Fuel is not included in the price.The customer must check the oil every 1000 kms. Safety: The customer approves of his picture being taken by a safety-camera when he is picking up the vehicle. The customer also agrees to the car being located by gps. Return of vehicle: The vehicle must be returned cleaned to the place where it was picked up with the same amount of fuel in the tank. Remember to check the fuel gauge when picking the vehicle up. If the interior of the vehicle is more unclean than can be considered normal, Netcarrent will charge 50€/h for cleaning the vehicle. Other terms:

Validity of information It is forbidden to register false information on the site. Netcarrent Oy reserves the right to check the validity of information registered on its rental system and to remove false or clearly insufficient user information and, where crime is suspected, to pass the information on to authorities for further investigation. If a traffic accident resulting in bodily injuries happens, the customer must always report this to the police. Note that all traffic accident must be reported to Netcarrent.Renting the vehicle is based on self service and data processing by computers. Should there be a fault in the computer process, such as the customer receiving extra time, Netcarrent has the right to stick to the original contract.   How to use the parking card: Use only the Netcarrent parking card found in the car. The card may only be used for parking Netcarrent vehicles in the parking garage. To avoid any inconvenience use the parking card both when entering and leaving the garage. When returning the vehicle at the gate, do not press the button on the parking machine, but feed the Netcarrent parking card in it and wait. The machine will return the card automatically and the gate will open.   Why? As the garage’s information system registers every incoming and outgoing vehicle, driving the rented vehicle in by using any other card than its own means the information system does not realize the car is inside the garage. This means that the car cannot be driven out by the next customer.   If you have used a wrong parking card: If you have pressed the button on the ticket machine at the gate, you will get a ticket meant for short-time parking. In this case drive the car in, pay the fare at the parking fee machine and drive the car out by using the ticket. Then drive the car in again by using the plastic Netcarrent card. You will be responsible for any short-time parking fees. If you should take a short-time parking ticket, the fee will start to increase at entrance, so follow the above directions.